My work encompasses strong watercolour paintings, distinctive oil colours and acrylics as well as drawings both in anticipation of new works and in their own right.

Vivid colour and form all contribute to the expression of deep emotions inspired by life`s experience, my journey to safety and freedom and, of course, my cultural heritage and feminine perspective.

Recurring images celebrating the power and dignity of the female form contrast with striking dark pieces, evolved from the denial of human dignity and the rejection of femininity through life.

My art frequently alludes to the fading shadows of Persian history in which my childhood and adolescence were rooted.

Past, present and future nags my brain relentlessly until the canvas begins to appear. People and their environment can rise or be lost in time and space.

There are reflections of emotions in the shapes and figures that live and play in silence and each work reveals a compelling journey of mind, body and spirit in an attempt to find peace and independence. Colours are both gentle and striking. Each canvas has elements of profanity, stoicism, regeneration and innocence. Every painting challenges the viewer with an ever-deepening narrative.