When people first meet me they always comment on my warm smile and golden skin. What they see is the “now” of a British resident artist happily working in both in Miami Florida and the Cotswolds UK. The story behind the image is far from golden.
With influences from Dali, Picasso and Klimt Souren is destined to be one of the leading female artists of the 21st Century.

Souren Mousavi was born in Persia and her ancestral family is linked to the Persian Monarchy. Her childhood found her embroiled in the Iran-Iraq war which was to have a lasting impact on her life. Souren`s passion for all things artistic eventually resulted in her graduating with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of Tehran. 
Whilst this was the start of a promising career as both an artist and graphic designer, her time at University saw Souren learning to voice her opinions and to explore her passion for women's rights.

She was encouraged to use her art to convey her thoughts and feelings and in doing so became an active campaigner. Her expression of freedom and her commitment to women`s rights led to her arrest and eventual imprisonment. Her work was deemed offensive by the regime and Souren was to experience many years of darkness. 



ADC, Art Design Consultants July 2016. USA

Every year my team and I put together the most incredible art competition (ACA, Art Comes Alive) acknowledging artists from all over the world for their talent. We give out many awards and it's such a thrilling experience for all of us. One of my favorite awards is the Life Time Achievement award. It is given to only one female and male artist each year. This year's winner's story made me cry - tears of joy for her accomplishments and tears of sorry for her pain.

"It was my honor to give this award to Zahra Mousavi"

(Litsa Spanos - Publisher at Blink Art Resource and President (title) at ADC, Art Design Consultant